Travel Guide

When people think of Australia, kangaroos, the outback and The Great Barrier Reef come to mind. Although accurate, this is a very incomplete picture of this fabulous country. With its modern cities, historic towns, picturesque landscapes and natural beauty, Australia has something unique to offer every visitor.

Travelling Australia, because Australia is huge so the time it takes to travel between major population centers can be surprising, but that adds to the charm of the trip. A ride on the Ghan, the train that runs from South Australia to the Northern Territory covering thousands of miles of beautiful outback territory, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Hire a car and drive up the east coast to enjoy the shops and restaurants of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Continuing north travelers eventually reach the Great Barrier Reef and the magnificent Daintree Rainforests of Far North Queensland. is detemined to provide you information about traveling around Australia.

The different Shapes of Australia

By plane visitors can travel to the Red Centre in Alice Springs, Ayers Rock at Uluru, the North West of Western Australia and the majestically beautiful Kimberley region. Australia’s climates are as varied as its landscapes, but no matter what time of the year a visitor comes, the weather is usually accommodating. The most northern areas are primarily equatorial and tropical. The inland areas mostly desert and grassland. In the south the summers are hot and dry, excellent weather for visiting the beaches, and the winters are perfect for skiing in the snow fields. So, a travel Guide is essential.

Australia is a culturally diverse country, home to millions of people from all parts of the world. This rich multicultural mix of immigrants and indigenous peoples has combined to create a country that is both extremely modern and uniquely traditional. Women for Wik wants to show you this diversity about Australia. The Australian’s welcoming nature and laid back lifestyle promises visitors a relaxing holiday or vacation.